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The Coopers Tavern is a neighborhood tavern that serves craft beer and rustic food in a relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by the travels of its owners, The Coopers Tavern features an outstanding selection of beer & wine from around the world and a menu designed to soothe your soul.

In ancient Egypt beer was a staple of every person's daily diet. In fact, the workmen who built the pyramids received part of their pay as a ration of beer. Wine too can trace its past to the Minoan society from 2700 b.c.

It is the barrel however that carried these two beverages throughout time. And the cooper was the man who made it. Barrels are built by hand using simple tools like the in-shave, used for hollowing out the barrel, and the hoop driver, used to tap down the large metal ring that holds the boards, known as staves, of a barrel together.

Crafting a barrel good enough to house beer or wine is hard, painstaking work that requires the precision of a master cooper. Fortunately for us, enjoying what's inside is easy. So raise a pint in honor to the cooper and his barrel.


If there is no private event scheduled

The second floor is open

Thursday - Saturday

4:30 to Midnight

host your event in our second floor space

with seating for up to 100 people

it's perfect for

luncheon meetingsrehearsal dinners

wedding receptionsanniversary parties

retirement partiescompany functions

our second floor has its own private bar. it also
boasts an amazing view of the capitol building.

please contact


to schedule an event



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